National Gateway

National Gateway, founded in 2001 as a media gateway for global telecommunication firms, is an engineering and academic network.


Telecommunication is the mechanism through which two or more entities exchange information over a distance, measured in nanometers during intracellular interaction, in meters during interpersonal and high frequency radio correspondence, or in light years for interplanetary cosmic ray delivery of subatomic particles.

The National Gateway Telecommunication Division drives improvements in operating systems and facilitates interconnections between disparate hardware, software, and personnel. Our global awareness and local focus allow us to economically architect advanced communication infrastructure for startups desiring new services in rural areas and to introduce competition in established regions.

The National Gateway Academy was created from the research and development arm of directed electromagnetic radiation solutions for global communication firms. As millions of digital packets flowed through systems, it was noted that complex routing decisions were both originally and ultimately based on simple binary switches. As English novels are constructed from merely 26 letters, complex designs and great works of art are representations of even smaller binary decisions.

National Gateway's richness is found in each of its contributors and is defined and expanded through the vision of its builders who serve the world by facilitating the exchange of vital resources and by protecting the freedoms of both the creators and the beneficiaries of this exchange.


Young people of this world yearn for direction and leadership. They seek truth and wisdom but neither find it when looking nor trust it when found. With the combined talents and funds of National Gateway contributors, knowledge from all areas is delivered to students who demonstrate the ability and desire to serve as global leaders.


All systems are ultimately based on the binary decisions of each living thing. Movement (destiny) is based on the logical course of decisions leading toward a goal (destination). The function of the academic leg of National Gateway is to facilitate meaningful learning (input), clearly define goals through a logical journey of binary decisions (process), and accomplish meaningful results (output).


It is imperative that students understand the importance of independent thought and accept the consequences of their actions. Teamwork is effective only after personal agency and responsibility are internalized.

1. Communication - Students will study the history and future of communication. They must be fluent in at least three languages, including a computer programming language.

2. Law - Students must graduate with an understanding of the laws governing their area of study.

3. Ethics - Students must understand the spiritual and emotional influence of local beliefs.

4. Economics - Students must demonstrate fiscal responsibility, leadership, and cooperation by working within one of the applied science centers. They must feel confident while working through local and international trade procedures.

5. Health - This pertains to the students and their environment. Students are expected to maintain optimum health through proper nutrition and exercise. They are to learn agricultural methods of sustaining micro and macro populations through the study of and contribution to the latest scientific and medical journals. They must show through thesis and application their ability to build and protect communities of varying size.